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As you know, Carly Rae Jepsen released two new songs this week: Now That I Found You and No Drug Like Me. If you find them on Spotify you’ll notice they’ve been bundled with Party For One in a sort of three-song EP format. A 3P, if you will. It’s a Carly Rae J3Psingle. On January 18, […]

There’s been a recent hullabaloo over the US Army developing killer robots, but we’re here to set you straight. The Pentagon’s official stance: it’s all false. There’s no such thing as killer robots; you’re drunk. The US Army‘s “Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System” (ATLAS) project isn’t what you think. I know it sounds bad, but […]

Nauto, the transportation company that aims to make human drivers safer and train autonomous vehicles for all types of scenarios, has scooped up the team from Newton Technologies, following the company’s ceasing of operations.* Newton Technologies aims to reduce the number of driving-related deaths to zero by leveraging AI to create solutions geared toward connected mobility, safety […]