The Jepselephant in the room

The Jepselephant in the room

As you know, Carly Rae Jepsen released two new songs this week: Now That I Found You and No Drug Like Me. If you find them on Spotify you’ll notice they’ve been bundled with Party For One in a sort of three-song EP format. A 3P, if you will. It’s a Carly Rae J3Psingle.

On January 18, CRJ posted this on her Facebook page:

This week- not unlike weeks before I stressed right out about song selection and instead of going nuts, called my trusty friend/ guitarist Tavish Crowe who helped me dig to the bottom of some 100 plus songs. (More like 200). This process happened w Kiss and emotion and I want to give cheers to the truth that asking for help when you need it is never a bad thing. I find that it’s strong to know your weaknesses. Needless to say we have a favs list now and a song order and he’s the one friend I turn to when I need to hear my OWN opinion still cause he lets me battle it out without weighing in to hard but instead, continually asking- what feels right to you??! So hold tight loves. I’m re- learning lessons I need to and shortlisting this bad boy for your pretty ears. Thanks for patience. Here a pic to remind me of the wishful thing I was before over writing and over thinking things. Soon I think, we get to dance.

So what we’re looking at here is a situation where Carly Rae Jepsen has a pile of up to 200 songs, and the best ones are the two she’s released this week: Now That I Found You and No Drug Like Me.


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